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Handmade Viking Horn Cup 350-400ml

Handmade Viking Horn Cup 350-400ml

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These horn cups are made from 100% real steer horn. I have vigorously sanded down the outside of the cups to a nice smooth polished surface. The inside has been cleaned and coated with 2-3 layers of 100% pure beeswax to preserve the cup and make it safe to drink out of with cool or room temperature drinks! 

Size: 12-14 ounces or 350-400ml of fluid

My horn cups do not have any type of horn smell to them, the only smell will be the 100% pure beeswax I use to line the insides which is pleasant. 

All of my horn cups have a solid base of pure beeswax inside. What this ensures is a watertight seal at its base as well as making the cup more stable and weighted at the bottom.

The base of the horn cup is a solid 1/4 inch thick piece of maple wood creating a nice solid and sturdy base and acts as its own coaster as you will never have any condensation from my cups. This wooden base is attached and then sanded down to perfectly fit the bottom of the horn and then smoothed out. It has also been wood burned with "Skal" and then coated with a non-toxic 100% waterproof wood sealant to ensure the wood is watertight and safe.

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